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GeoMystÏðèâåò âñåì.07:53
GeoMystÐåáÿò, îáúÿñíèòå êàê âñå òàêè ïîñìîòðåòü gps-òðýê íà êàðòå OSM íà ñàéòå?07:54
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andrewshGeoMyst: ИЧЕГО Е ВИДО08:02
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GeoMystHi, Guys08:10
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AmishaSinglaHey! I want to know a little more from this repo: https://github.com/progserega/gpx2csv18:04
AmishaSinglaHow do we convert gpx trace to cvs and then later convert it into a .osm file18:04
AmishaSinglaandygol, ?18:05
andygolAmishaSingla, what?18:06
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AmishaSinglaandygol, Actually I am trying to convert a gpx trace in a .osm file18:07
edward17AmishaSingla: why not to convert direct from GPX to OSM?18:07
AmishaSinglaYeah want to do that itself18:07
edward17There are many tools for this18:07
edward17JOSM can open GPX filee AFAIK18:07
AmishaSinglaCan you list few of them.18:07
edward17and then save it as *.osm18:08
AmishaSinglaYeah but I am looking for some kind of script to do that18:08
AmishaSinglaAh I see.18:08
andygolAmishaSingla, I convert GPX into OSM data in JOSM18:09
andygolAmishaSingla, look here http://www.gpsbabel.org/capabilities.html18:09
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andygoluniversal tool for GPS trak18:10
AmishaSinglaandygol, Actually I mapped few trees and streetlights in my area.Now I want to map them in osm without mapping them manually in josm18:13
andygolAh, try gpsbabel, but you know that threshold of accuracy for GPS 10 meters18:16
AmishaSinglaYeah, what would be the better idea?18:17
AmishaSinglait was some 3m when i tried.18:17
andygolsometime it is less than 3 m ;)18:18
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