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Jocelynis there a list of russian regions and the corresponding OSM relation id ?19:08
Jocelyni would like to map all the regions from http://be.gis-lab.info/data/osm_dump/dump/latest/ to a relation id19:09
Jocelyn(i want to add Russia to Osmose QA, which is available at osmose.openstreetmap.fr)19:10
* ooprizrakoo slaps Zverik around a bit with a large trout19:11
ooprizrakooHi, Jocelyn19:11
ooprizrakooI hope some of our experts can answer19:12
Jocelynin any case, i cannot find any relevant information on the wiki :(19:14
Jocelynah, just found http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/RU:ВикиПроект_Россия/Субъекты_РФ19:16
ooprizrakoobtw, what you think aboty Crimea ?19:27
ooprizrakoois it russian region, or no?:)19:28
Jocelyni don't know :)19:31
Jocelyni would say no, but it is a personal opinion :)19:31
Jocelyni didn't find crimea on http://be.gis-lab.info/data/osm_dump/dump/latest/  - should it be present ?19:32
ooprizrakoobut your can find it on http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/RU:ВикиПроект_Россия/Субъекты_РФ19:35
gryphonJocelyn, https://github.com/cheshire-mouse/osm-getbound/blob/master/etc/osm-getbound-aliases.yml20:06
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